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“I play American football professionally, and had a foot injury that caused me to miss months of the season. I was diagnosed incorrectly by doctors abroad.
Jonathan diagnosed my actual issue almost immediately, and had orthotics made for me.
These orthotics have made a huge improvements to my movement quality, problem areas no longer ache and I feel a lot more confident moving. Excellent bedside manner, incredible knowledge and very kind.

I couldn’t recommend the Jonathan and the clinic anymore.”

-K.Ebanks, Google April 2024

“I’ve had a very positive experience with Jonathan who is an excellent professional, explains his diagnostic procedures carefully and clearly, and carries out the treatment process in a efficient and effective way. I have every confidence in recommending him.”

-S. Johnson, Google – Sept 2023

“I have been visiting Jonathan for the last 7 years, everything from orthotics, to back pain, to ingrown toenails, he has been able to sort it. Jonathan performed my second ingrown toenail removal surgery today, it was as effortless as it was when he did my other toe over six years ago. He was calm, explained everything he was doing, and we had a great laugh. I would absolutely recommend!”

-Anna, Google – June 2023

“Jonathan Stanley was recommended by a friend, and consulting him for my 9-year-old daughter’s ankle pain was the best thing we did. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to diagnose the cause of the problem. 5 months later, my daughter is now pain free with orthotics and able to enjoy a normal active lifestyle like her friends. He is kind, reassuring, and has excellent clinical acumen. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a podiatrist.”

A. Thangavelu, Google – April 2023

“After being bed-ridden for a couple of years leading up to and following a transplant, my muscles had lost all strength and the padding under my feet had wasted away. By chance, I moved near Jonathan Stanley’s clinic. He was very kind and quickly identified why it was so painful for me to walk and organised insoles. From hardly being able to walk at all, within a couple of months, we had a trip to Disneyland Paris and I was walking around 15 miles a day for three days. Now I am walking normally, without thinking about it. Jonathan truly changed my life. I am very grateful and thoroughly recommend him.”

-Bernadette Hobbs, Google, October 2018


“Jonathan is an expert in knowing what to do. I visited him for years with ingrowing toenails and now having had a procedure with him I no longer suffer. I took my daughter with another issue, she was nervous about going but he quickly put her at ease and she is also now cured! Highly recommend Jonathan for chiropody related issues when you need an expert eye.”

-Jenny Baines, Google, November 2018


“After 30 years of suffering from horrendous debilitating pain in my left knee, ankle and foot due to having cerebral palsy as well as other conditions. I have started to explore possible solutions with if truth be told, little hope of finding any.

I’d had many operations on the NHS but the benefits were always short term. I found The Lawrence Clinic and thought I’d go for a consultation, but didn’t get my hopes up.

I met Jonathan and was struck by his extensive knowledge and intuition about my condition. My reservations and doubts melted away and I then took the option of having orthotics. The results have been absolutely fantastic. My colleagues noted the next day on how I was walking more confidently and looked more stable on my feet. I felt the best I’d ever felt as I was able to do things that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before like walking amongst a crowd, which was a watershed moment as I’d always feared being knocked over, but the orthotics have stabilised my week joints enough for me to do this.

This year I was able to visit New York without being in pain or having to stop to rest all the time. I was able to appreciate it’s beauty like never before as I was always plagued by fatigue in the past. I tell everybody that Jonathan has ‘jesus hands’ because of what he has done for me. He has been able to free me from pain and give me a quality of life I’d never dreamt was imaginable. Priceless.”

-Summer Chaudhry, The Lawrence Clinic patient, December 2018


A walker restored

“I am a 72 year old walker who last year developed heel and leg pain. In May of that year I did part of the Pennine Way and it was seriously painful and uncomfortable to say the least. I tried all the online suggestions without success before approaching Jonathan Stanley. After a thorough consultation he diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis caused by one leg being shorter than the other as a result of a childhood leg break. He constructed orthotics and I followed the clear instructions carefully. Not easy at first but well worth it because over the next couple of months my symptoms decreased dramatically. I have now just returned from walking the last 126 miles of the Pennine Way without any pain at all. A miracle! I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to any one in similar circumstances.”

–, 28 May 2018


So glad I found Mr Stanley !

“I saw Mr Stanley two years ago for a law suit after I had been ran over, I’d lost hope, all specialists were telling me after three years I should be better and it was my condition not having been ran over. But Mr Stanley saw what was wrong, I am now not in as much pain thanks to him diagnosing me with damaged ankles causing my body to be out of place. Orthotics now made I am in less pain and getting back into alignment.
I have no idea where I would be if I hadn’t seen Mr Stanley other than in hell of a lot of pain. I fully recommend him for anyone who is looking for a podiatrist.”

–, 10 May 2018


My life has been changed.

“Funny how an insert in your shoe can fix a sore shoulder but it’s TRUE! My shoulder is now pain free my feet and legs are so much better and my posture has improved beyond recognition. Life changing improvements. Thank you Jonathan.”

–, 19 March 2018


Inspirational Expert

“Very inspirational man, so caring and clever in his chosen field. His confidence and years of experience really put you at ease.
He has made a great difference to my husband’s gait and he can now walk without a stick and no longer stoops. A pleasure to meet him and watch a specialist at work.” ,  13 Feb 2017


I can now enjoy long walks again.

“I love going for long walks in the countryside, but started to experience pain in my ankles. It got to the point where after only walking a couple of miles, the next day my ankles would be extremely sore and ‘locked up’ to the extent that I could hardly walk.
At the initial consultation with Jonathan, he spent some time analysing my gait and posture and after a diagnosis suggested that I should have some orthotic insoles made. Jonathan made casts from my feet and very shortly my new orthotics arrived. I was given clear and helpful instruction as to how to wear them in and my ankle problems began to improve very quickly.
Now four months later I am as good as new and visit Jonathan every few months for a short progress session to make sure all is well.
Jonathan is friendly, professional and explains the causes and diagnosis of your problem in a clear and easy to understand way. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to him”

 – ,  27 Jan 2018


Fantastic orthotics !!!

I had suffered with Achilles tendonitis for two years. It was exceedingly painful and very debilitating. I was recommended to see Mr Stanley who saw me promptly and professionally. I was measured for a pair of orthotics which were made for me. They were absolutely amazing they were revolutionary and changed my life. The level of service I got from Mr Stanley was Superb!! Many thanks to all the team

–, 09 Nov 2016


Jonathan is simply amazing

My 11 year old daughter has suffered with foot pain & migraines for over 3 years and after visits with our gp, NHS podiatry, NHS physio since 2013 we never got far treatment wise as they couldnt work out what was wrong her but all admitting something was wrong but not bothering to investigate. The last straw was the GP holding back info about her xray claiming everything was normal even though i could see it wasn’t. After searching the internet to find help for my once happy fun loving daughter who enjoyed many sports, dance classes to a girl who struggled to play out with friends for more than half an hour because of the foot pain, i came across Jonathan who was amazing from the start. He took an interest and didnt give up on my daughter who desperately needed his help. He supported me with getting my daughters xrays from her GP and confirmed what was wrong and after his amazing care my daughter can now join in with sports. I highly recommend Jonathan, my daughter calls him her hero. X

–, 20 Sep 2016


Basketball pains resolved! Testimonial for Jonathan Stanley

My son plays basketball at a high level and volume. Over 18 months ago we met with Jonathan to obtain analysis and instigate actions as to why my son was picking up so many injuries. At aged 15+ at the time and growing rapidly which contributed but assessment soon pointed to the many issues he had which caused the injuries. Jonathan treated him and prescribed orthotic insoles-I read some are sceptical about there use. Let’s just say the results were amazing – he followed a strict wearing in phase combined with work with a physio and S&C trainer. We saw Jonathan every three months to check the progress and give feedback. At the stage now where my son has phased out the need for the insoles and in a much better position than he was 18 months ago. It’s clear that so many issues (knee,shin, back,ankle etc) stem from how our feet hit the floor with great pressure and frequency. As you are reading the reviews you must be at the stage of needing a solution..highly recommend Jonathan.

–, 26 May 2016


Testimonial for Jonathan Stanley

I started to get some serious pain from my knees when I ran so I visited the physiotherapist who took one look at me and felt it was bio mechanical and referred me to see Jonathon.
He agreed and explained, very clearly, where the problem was coming from and what we could do to stop it. He demonstrated that the knee pain was coming from my foot position but showing me some pressure points and how painful they were, then he moved my feet to the correct position and there was no pain when those points were palpated.
So we made some orthotics. I am now running pain free and and don’t worry about my knees when I run at all.
It’s fantastic what a simple change can make to me.
Thanks Jonathon for your help.
I highly recommend Jonathon and hope you do go to see him. He will help.

–, 13 Feb 2016


Testimonial for Jonathan Stanley

After weeks of ignoring the fact that something was wrong with my left foot I finally succumbed to visiting the doctor who directed me to Jonathan Stanley.
I had a burning sensation between my third and forth toe in the ball of my foot plus a numbness of the toes.
Jonathan knew straight away by my description exactly what the problem was. I had a Neuroma caused by inflammation of nerves around my 3rd and 4th toes.
He realigned my foot and ankle, which was painless, and then took plaster casts of both feet. I had Orthotics made and Jonathan took time to explain how to use them correctly. Within a few weeks my foot has no pain, no numbness and I can walk, run and exercise with ease.
Jonathan is a professional who explains clearly his diagnosis and provides treatments that work!
I can certainly recommend Jonathan without reservation.

“As a patient at The Foot Pain Centres of Leeds, I am only too happy to endorse the Centres and the excellent work they do. It is so refreshing to see so many dedicated specialists working together providing such a comprehensive service in Yorkshire and a proven positive step in providing much needed treatment and care to all.”

-Ray Illingworth, OBE, 2015  Former England Cricket Captain and Manager


“Some years ago whilst I was looking for a clinic specialising in lower limb injuries to assess a young client who had been told by NHS doctors she would be left with permanent restriction of movement and pain to her foot following an accident I found The Foot Pain Centres of Leeds. I referred this client who was assessed treated and has made a full recovery. Since then I have referred a number of clients for treatment as they are one of the few clinics to specialise in lower limb injuries, I was so impressed with the results experienced by my clients  I referred myself for treatment.

I have, since an early age, been diagnosed as suffering from ankylosing spondylitis causing repeated episodes of back pain. Over a period of 10 years or more I had also suffered from significant ankle and knee pain which during that time had resulted in two sets of surgery to the knees.

Upon my attendance at the clinic I was jointly assessed by Jonathan Stanley, Podiatrist and by resident Chiropractor Dr Tomer Gilboa. After a thorough history and examination it was determined that in fact I suffered from a congenital problem with my ankles whereby ligaments were misplaced causing restriction in movement which I was advised had no doubt impacted upon my knees, hips and back.

Jonathan carried out a simple chiropractic procedure to re-set the position of the ligaments in my ankles which significantly increased their range of movement to my genuine astonishment. I was also advised that it would be appropriate to use orthotics (which is a type of specially shaped insole that is placed in the wearer’s shoes). Jonathan made casts of my feet with plaster of paris so that extremely comfortable bespoke orthotics could be manufactured. A great deal of measurement and calculation was made by Jonathan so that the orthotics would work in such way as to properly straighten my legs and thereby reduce the stress on all the joints above my ankles.

I was advised that having experienced a lifetime of limited movement in the ankles and associated misalignment of the legs was no doubt responsible for increased wear and tear on my knees and hips and back. I was advised that with an appropriate course of rehabilitation provided by Dr Tomer Gilboa I had every prospect of reducing the very significant levels of pain I was suffering in my knees, hips and back. After a couple of weeks I received my orthotics and for the first time in my life felt as though my feet were properly planted on the ground and I noticed an immediate improvement in my general posture. I underwent a course of treatment with Tomer Gilboa and very quickly found that the levels of pain I was suffering in my knees, hips and back reduced. Within weeks I was able to virtually eliminate the daily painkillers which I had been taking for years and within months had a much improved posture leading to vastly reduced levels of pain and very much increased levels of activity.

I believe the considerable damage by way of wear and tear to my knees and back would have been substantially reduced had I been diagnosed much earlier with the problems that were identified and treated by Jonathan and Tomer. I now suffer only occasional relapses of pain in my back and knees which receive further ministrations by Tomer with considerable benefit.

I am very pleased I can say that with the benefit of diagnosis and treatment my levels of pain have significantly reduced, my levels of activity have increased and they have made a considerable difference to the quality of my day to day life.”

-James McBride 2015, Senior Associate and Head of Personal Injury at Eaton’s Solicitors



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