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Bunionette Surgery

A Bunionette or a Tailor’s bunion forms when the fifth metatarsal and the tissues surrounding the fifth metatarsal are prominent caused by irritation from footwear and altered foot mechanics in a similar way to which a bunion forms on the big toe.

Pain and swelling of the joint occurs which is often accompanied by a bursa (a fluid filled sac formed between the bone and the skin).

Surgical correction of a tailor’s bunion is aimed at reducing the prominence surrounding the fifth metatarsal and reducing the metatarsal angle, surgery is similar to that undertaken to correcting a bunion on a big toe.

Bunionette Surgery:

  • Corrects the toe deformity
  • Removes pressure sites
  • Removes pressure lesions (Corns)
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves footwear comfort

Surgical recovery is generally 4 – 6 weeks after which patients can begin to return to normal activities and footwear.

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