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Foot Surgery

Those Podiatrists who have a specialist interest in foot surgery can extend their training in order to become qualified Consultant Podiatric Surgeons specialising in the surgical management of the foot and its associated structures, able to perform surgical procedures to manage conditions such as bunions, hammer toes, neuromas, joint arthritis to more complicated rearfoot, midfoot surgery and joint replacements.

At Foot Pain Centres of Leeds we are able to provide a complete Foot Health Service to diagnose, treat and manage your foot pain, whilst providing a comprehensive team of practitioners and on-site diagnostics.

Our Surgeons, Mr.Antony Wilkinson and Mr.Stephen Finney have undertaken over 16,000 foot procedures, ranging from toenail surgery, bunions and Hammertoe correction. They have both dealt with complex reconstructive surgery for flat feet and webbed toe procedures. They also have a special interest in a procedure for Brachymetatarsia. We have established a reputation in the field of foot care and work closely with many GPs. Our two Podiatrists Jonathan Stanley and Dan Broadley  who’s expertise and care are renowned in Yorkshire with helping many complicated cases of the foot at The Yorkshire Foot Hospital.

Operating on any foot deformity requires a complete understanding of foot biomechanics essential for excellent post-operative results. This highly specialised area using biomechanical principles is unique and integral to the training of Podiatric Surgeons.

The Yorkshire Foot Hospital has an established reputation for the delivery of high quality patient care. We are totally dedicated to reducing your foot pain and discomfort to restore foot function. From initial consultation to final discharge, each patient is always given the opportunity to discuss their proposed treatment plan with their Consultant Podiatric Surgeon.

The Yorkshire Foot Hospital has a highly qualified team of Theatre and nursing staff supported by a 24 hour on-call team.

Patients have travelled from all over the UK and abroad to see Mr.Antony Wilkinson and Mr.Stephen Finney.

Foot Surgery may become necessary if you:

  • Continually suffer acute pain
  • Have feet that are unable to fit comfortably into your shoes
  • Are unable to walk comfortably and play your sport

Some of the most commonest conditions for which foot procedures are undertaken:

Foot Surgery

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    Over 98% of our patients request their foot procedures to be performed under local anaesthetic to avoid the unpleasant after effects of general anaesthetic.

    Your foot surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure with no overnight hospital stay.

    Our foot procedures allow you to walk earlier and avoid the need for plaster casts in the majority of cases so you can return to work and active sport.

    Most of our patients return to recreational footwear within 2 weeks.

    Our modern surgical techniques allow quicker recovery with an excellent cosmetic outcome.