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Morton's Neuroma

Pain is due to a thickening of the nerve sheath between the affected toes, commonly between the 2nd/3rd and 3rd/4th toes, treatment using a course of steroid injections may help around 40% of patients, otherwise surgical removal of the neuroma may be required.

Most patients are referred for an ultrasound scan to confirm the prescence of a neuroma, although it must be noted that not all images positively identify a neuroma even though the patients symptoms are classical, a differential diagnoses is usually made as an intermetatarsal bursitis, an inflammed fluid filled sac seen between the metatarsal bones.

  • Neuroma surgery at The Yorkshire Foot Hospital is nearly always carried out under local anaesthetic.
  • Surgery removes the nerve segment through the top of the foot.
  • Recovery is around 2 weeks, after which patients can begin to return to normal activities and footwear.


WATCH video of Neuroma surgery

(WARNING video contains graphic surgical content)


Neuroma Surgery

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Ultrasound scan showing neuroma

Ultrasound scan showing neuroma

Excised neuroma

Excised neuroma