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Cuboid Subluxation

Cuboid subluxation or a partial dislocation of the cuboid is an irritating injury commonly seen in athletes with a high arched foot prone to ankle sprains which can cause the cuboid bone to ‘pop out’ of alignment.

Pain is usually felt on the outside of the foot not always accompanied with swelling, pain tending to become worse over weeks and months.

The cuboid forms a joint between the heel bone and it is relatively easy for the cuboid to slip down and inwards out of position.

This creates tremendous irritation of the tissue around it especially along the very strong tendon of the peroneus longus which grooves on the underside of the cuboid.

Treatment is usually remedied by a manipulation, strapping and rest with ice massage.

Patients usually gain immediate reduction of their symptoms, but if the condition is persistent Orthotics are used to help functionally stabilise the joint and foot.

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    Cuboid manipulation

    Cuboid manipulation