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Prosthetics for Amputees

For those patients whom have had the misfortune to suffer from traumatic or elective amputation, Foot Pain Centres of Leeds are in a position to offer the very latest technology in the production of medical grade silicone prosthetics.

The trauma of losing a toe or more, an extensive loss of the forefoot has a profound effect upon the anatomy and mechanics of foot function by placing strain on other parts of the body and in choosing footwear, as well as the obvious psychological affects.

With the latest materials and techniques it is now possible to recreate lifelike toes which can help contribute towards restoring foot function and having a very positive cosmetic effect.

The materials used are high quality hypoallergenic silicone which do not cause stump irritation and are easily replaceable.

Technicians are able to create such life-like prosthetics by exact matching of skin colour, texture,reproducing veins and even incorporating your own hair into the material.

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