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Basketball Injuries

How playing basketball impacts on the feet

Basketball has more side-to-side, stopping, sudden acceleration and vertical leaping/jumping than linear running, causing tremendous pressure to be exerted on the foot and ankle. Without proper equipment and preparation injuries will invariably occur.

The hard court surfaces that the game is played on drastically requires the entire skeletal structure of the basketball player and the footwear worn to be able to absorb the massive increases in shock forces that are placed upon the players’ body especially over the fore and midfoot. The amount of court time playing and practicing can additionally lead to stress-related injury.


Potential problems and when to seek the help of a Podiatrist

Two distinct types of injury to the lower extremity can occur in basketball: acute injury from a sudden and forceful blow, or chronic injury, which develops slowly and becomes aggravated over an extended period of time. Most acute foot and ankle injuries, which occur from landing improperly from a jump or twisting while falling, are accidental and difficult to prevent. The most common acute injuries include ankle sprains, torn ligaments, muscle pulls, tendon ruptures, and fractures.

Chronic, or overuse, injuries can be caused by inadequate warm-up, poor conditioning, improper and ill-fitting shoes, worn out shoes, or a biomechanical deformity that causes undue stress on the foot and ankle.

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