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Cycling Video Assessment

The muscular requirements from our skeleton is enormous when applied to cycling, whether you are mountain biking, racing or just cycling to and from work.

Proper care and attention is vital to ensure that you fit your bike, you are physically fit and are wearing the correct footwear.

We are able to provide you with a musculoskeletal appraisal of the Biomechanical way in which you ride your bike.

Initially we assess all major joints off the bike in terms of quality and range of movement, muscle power and a postural analysis, then reapply these same dynamics whilst cycling on a static frame in order to determine your most efficient cycling position.

The cycling assessment video captures your ride position from 5 different positions enabling us to capture stills and analyse together any areas of concern.

Our Cycling Video assessment Clinic is usually attended by a Podiatrist, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist.

Due to the very high demand for this service places are limited and by appointment only.


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