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Chiropod Assessment

Both Podiatry and Chiropractic professions use an integrated approach to healthcare by looking at the body as a whole starting from the feet up.

That’s because any biomechanical dysfunction in the feet can cause and perpetuate postural and biomechanical problems higher up.

This may contribute to pain in the knees, pelvis, back or neck, presenting as long-term or recurring complaints that never really go away.

Looking for these problems and addressing them needs the combined approach of Chiropractic and Podiatry – called:


which utilises a multi- and inter- disciplinary approach to healthcare by having two healthcare professionals undertaking joint assessments to co-manage the patient, a Chiropractor and a Podiatrist together at the same consultation!

For optimal results this helps toward a greater understanding of the cause of your pain, and the underlying structural problems that may contribute towards them.


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