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Ankle Foot Orthosis

An Ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is an orthosis or brace produced from a plaster cast of the patients’ foot/ankle and leg designed to:

  • Support weak limbs
  • Position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position
  • Immobilise the ankle and lower leg in the presence of arthritis or fracture
  • Correct foot drop
  • Increase overall stability and posture

This customised device is made from polypropylene plastic and lined with a protective thermoplastic material and held around the limb with velcro straps. Our devices are fabricated to be either fixed or hinged at the ankle.

AFO’s are generally used in those patients that present with neuromuscular weakness e.g.:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
  • Polio

The AFO devices that we manufacture are custom made from a foot and lower leg cast.

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