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Low Back Pain

Lower back pain and poor posture can commonly be aggravated by your foot position. This can lead to muscle imbalance, postural instability and back pain due to an alteration of your centre of gravity inducing your pelvis to tilt forwards, downwards and de-rotate resulting in muscular tightness and altered curvatures of the spine.

At the Foot Pain Centres of Leeds we as Podiatrists we understand the mechanical dysfunction that can be caused in other major joints, therefore as practitioners we do not just concentrate on the foot and ankle but clinically examine the body as a whole and the effects each joint has on the other.

It is a “chain reaction”

  • Feet that roll inwards will cause
  • Knees to rotate inwardly which will cause
  • Pelvis to rotate or tilt which will cause
  • Spine to twist which will cause
  • Shoulder to rotate or tilt which will cause
  • Head to tilt

Our skeleton requires a firm foundation or base from which to maintain perfect balance. The last major joint that supports our skeleton are our ankles, their position is vital to the maintenance of our posture, therefore any biomechanical changes in our ankles or feet will affect the overall balance of our bodies,having a good foundation is vitally important.

Muscles that cloak our skeleton and the nerves that control them need to work in harmonious balance maintaining our skeletal position.


Correct body posture by controlling the excessive rolling in of your feet. Rehabilitation and core stability exercises will help to stabilise and reduce low back symptoms.

At Foot Pain Centres of Leeds we pride ourselves in both the multi and inter disciplinary approach to the management and treatment of back pain by co-managing between Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists.


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